Are You Ready For a Treadmill Desk?

Studies show that sitting for extended periods of time can affect your overall health. A Treadmill Desk may be the solution.

An office environment can be stressful. Made even more so by our lack of exercise while sitting at our desk all day long. Studies show that those who sit for long periods of Treadmill desktime, such as the length of a work day 8 to 11 hours, are 15 percent more likely to die of any cause as opposed to those who sat for four hours or less. It would be fair to say that most people would enjoy some sort of exercise program not only to stay in shape on the outside, but to remain fit on the inside. Most of the time however, we’re too tired after our long, strenuous day at our desks to have the desire to work out afterward.

One solution that has gone from fad to trend is the treadmill desk.

What is a treadmill desk?

A treadmill desk is pretty much what you think it would be. It’s a treadmill with a desk on top. Designed so that you can stand up and walk while continuing to work. Basically, you set the treadmill speed for your own comfortable walking stride (Speeds are recommended to be set at or around 2 miles per hour), then you go about your business as you stride along, working at your desk.

Best practices for using a treadmill desk.

  • Check your size and fit
    Make sure your treadmill desk is at the right height so that you are working within best ergonomic practices. Having a desk that is set too low or too high can cause stress and strain on certain areas of your body.
  • Keep it clean
    Avoid cluttering up your desk with items that may fall onto the treadmill. Also make sure cables and plugs are completely out of the way.
  • Wear appropriate clothing
    We know you work in an office environment, so the spandex shorts or yoga pants may be outside the bounds of office dress. Remember, you’re not out to work up a sweat anyway, you’re just moving at a comfortable page. Wear comfortable, casual wear that is loose enough (Without being too loose) that can still be considered office attire.

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